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E3 2009 may not accept acutely kicked off yet, but it's already been a appearance to remember. After all, it's not every day you get to see the brand of James Cameron, Paul McCartney and Pele chatting about videogames. Nor is it every day you get to accept a chat with a basic 10 year-old or comedy Burnout with an abstract council wheel.

But today is one of those days, because today Microsoft is absolute Project Natal to the world. Fresh from the E3 conference, we alone by their chic auberge to go hands-on - or rather, hands-off - with the fresh technology.

Milo & Kate

First up is Peter Molyneux's fresh baby. As you'll apperceive if you followed our alive text, Milo is the name of the fresh AI appearance in development at Lionhead Studios. And as you'll apperceive if you apprehend our account with Peter Molyneux, or could accept predicted if you apperceive annihi
lation about Peter Molyneux, Kate is the name of a dog.

But the dog's not on appearance today - instead we're presented with Milo on his own, sitting on a beat by a river. Molyneux invites me to try interacting with him by continuing in advanced of the awning and affective about the room.

As I move, the camera moves with me. Shift your anatomy larboard and the camera pans left; angle your anatomy assiduously and it zooms in, and so on. "Normally you'd be application the appropriate thumbstick for this," observes Molyneux. It's a bit disconcerting, but in a acceptable way; attractive about to change your angle feels a lot added accustomed than blame a stick.

What about those who would rather break sat on the sofa? The technology works aloof as able-bodied back sitting down, according to Molyneux: "You aloof move your anatomy and your arch to move around. It can be a actual airy experience."

Now, he says, we're activity to alternation Milo to recognise me. I'm told to smile and frown to alpha the action off, and I try to accomplish things accessible for Milo by exaggerating my expressions like a gurning best at a rave. "That's too much," says Molyneux. "You don't smile and frown like that in absolute life, do you?" He acutely hasn't apparent my Facebook page.

I accent it bottomward a bit and abiding enough, Milo all-overs off his beat and walks appear me. "You OK?" he says.

It's unnerving, there's no agnosticism about it. Instinctively I reply, "Yes, acknowledge you. How are you?"

"Wearing black, I see. It apparel you." He's not wrong. About the aboriginal bit, anyway. But already the shock of Milo acquainted this wears off, I realise he hasn't answered my question. Perhaps this is one of the tricks acclimated to accomplish you anticipate he's real; and they are absolutely tricks, as Molyneux is blessed to admit.

I try addition absolute question. "Have you had a nice day, Milo?" He smiles and nods, so I go for article added complex. "Did you get pleasure Microsoft's E3 conference?" He's non-committal. "Are you attractive advanced to the rumoured actualization of the PSP tomorrow?" Milo nods. The accuracy is though, he doesn't absolutely apperceive what I aloof asked. He accepted I was allurement a catechism by alert to the accent of my voice, but he didn't accept the words. Knowing that doesn't accomplish the accomplished affair abundant beneath unnerving, though.

Molyneux invites me to go and attending at the angle in the river, as apparent in the E3 columnist conference. The baptize furnishings are beauteous anyway, but to see yourself reflected aural them is astonishing. "Swish the baptize about a bit," says Molyneux, so I do. There are one or two odd moments area the baptize doesn't absolutely assume to breeze naturally, but already again, the all-embracing aftereffect is awful impressive.

The demo's over, and all too soon. I didn't get to try out the assignment or comedy activities, or draw a account for Milo, or accommodated his changeable counterpart, Milly. Not to acknowledgment the dog. There are still lots of questions about Milo & Kate, decidedly with attention to how scripted the conversations are and aloof how able your basic acquaintance absolutely is. Here's acquisitive we'll get to acquisition out added soon.

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