Info : Metal Gear Solid Rising on 360

E3 2009: Kojima Productions signature stealth activity alternation makes long-rumored admission on Microsoft's console.

No, it's not Metal Gear Solid 4.

LOS ANGELES--As a bold developer, Metal Gear architect Hideo Kojima can usually be relied aloft to do article unexpected. So with rumors aerial that his PlayStation 3-exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots would be appear for the Xbox 360 at Microsoft's E3 2009 media briefing, the developer backward accurate to form.

Appearing onstage at the media briefing, Kojima told the admirers he was absolutely bringing the Metal Gear Solid alternation to the Xbox 360, but in an all-new game. Titled Metal Gear Solid Rising, Kojima's fresh activity won't brilliant Solid Snake. Instead, it will allegedly brilliant addition of the franchise's acclaimed faces. According to the tagline, "Lightning bolt action… Raiden is back!" Unfortunately, capacity about Metal Gear Solid Rising will accept to delay for addition day.

"I can't say added now," Kojima said, "but I can swear you that it will be a absolutely fresh experience."

For added from the show, analysis out GameSpot's complete advantage of E3 2009.

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