Info : Slow, but impressive: hands-on with the Xbox 360 update

Microsoft has accustomed the columnist an aboriginal attending at the adapted appearance and alignment of the 360 dashboard, and we like what we see: agreeable is easier to find, and affection is easier to judge. Once the dawdling is removed, this amend will do abundant to accomplish the 360 a added absorbing machine.

Microsoft has accustomed the columnist a bound examination of some of the fresh appearance that will be advancing to the Xbox 360 dashboard, and while the Twitter and functionality has yet to arrive, what is there credibility to a aflush approaching for the 360 as a media box... not to acknowledgment a added affable belvedere for advertising. Let's booty a attending at the changes advancing to the system.

Netflix is now browsable, after an added computer

One of the nicest additions to the account is the adeptness to browse the agreeable accessible via Netflix. Streaming Netflix agreeable on your 360 acclimated to crave a computer or laptop to ample your queue, but will anon be able browse movies anon from the system—a much-needed update.

You can additionally allotment agreeable with your accompany in a basic cine theater, breadth your Avatars watch the above blur or TV show, as continued as anybody has Netflix. I'm not abiding how abounding bodies appetite to see movies calm with your basic friends, but hey, it's there. Netflix is now additionally added adjustable to "changing arrangement conditions." You additionally accept the adeptness to see what your accompany are watching, or you can accept to adumbrate that information.

Netflix is abundant easier to use on the Xbox 360, and agreeable is additionally simple to acquisition and watch. If you admired the Netflix affection before, be able to abatement in love.

Rate games, active up your avatar

Combing through arcade amateur and agreeable acclimated to be article of a pain, but now you can bulk every game, every add-on, every arcade release, and additionally align amateur by rating. Right now Geometry Wars Evolved has 78 ratings, assuming four and a bisected stars. That's a bold account blockage out! Bankshot Billiards 2, on the added hand, shows 22 ratings with an boilerplate of two and a bisected stars... you may be safe absence that one.

While putting too abundant banal in user-controlled ratings may not be wise, they absolutely accord you addition abstracts point back browsing titles, and could advice to abstracted the acceptable being from the junk. With so abundant agreeable on Xbox Live, every little bit helps. The arrangement is additionally granular, acceptation that a bold is rated, as able-bodied as its add-on content. That way users can accelerate the bulletin that a assertive bold is great, but a $5 amend that adds bigger breasts to the NPCs is rather lame.

One annoying issue? Back you baddest "top rated" beneath Bold Add-Ons, it gives you the top rated games, not the content. I would accept admired to accept apparent what agreeable was top rated, but the arrangement allegedly isn't set up to allotment that array of information. For instance, I apperceive that Mass Effect is a awful rated game, but that shouldn't accomplish it jump to the top of the archive in Bold Add-ons back the Bring Down the Sky agreeable has aught ratings. Disappointing.

You can additionally now analysis out the broadcast abundance for accouterment and accessories for your Avatar, although there isn't abundant there to see yet. You can browse through branded accouterment from Halo 3 or Fable 2, or artlessly aces up some Steampunk duds. How does 80 Microsoft credibility for Black Boots sound? Or 160 credibility for a Halo Hoodie? The abstraction of absolute money for affected appurtenances is annihilation new, and with Microsoft application Avatars for added and added content, this array of for-pay add-ons may bolt on faster than abounding expect.

Indie games, Amateur on Demand, and added updates

Community Amateur accept now been rebranded as Independent Games, and with the above ratings, are now abundant easier to browse to acquisition acceptable games. The fresh name, akin with user ratings, should do abundant to accomplish this breadth of Xbox Live abundant added popular.

There is a aperture for Amateur on Demand, but we've been told the 360 amateur won't be accessible until a after examination afterpiece to August.

The blow of the updates may complete accustomed back taken individually, but as a accumulation they add abundant account to the system. Affair invites are now one-click affairs, and if you become broken you're automatically reinstated into the party. This now a brand assuming how continued you've been an Xbox Live subscriber, and you can get a feel for how abounding achievements you've becoming with fresh graphical information. Console settings accept additionally be re-organized to be easier to use.

The alone affair is that, at atomic in the examination body accustomed to the press, the admiration of the dashboard has been acutely compromised. The 360 runs slllloooowww at the moment, with common pauses and stutters amid windows. I'm abiding that's an affair with what may be amateurish code, but at the moment the arrangement can be frustratingly unresponsive.

Buying abounding amateur with absolute cash, not points, as able-bodied as Twitter,, and Facebook functionality will be advancing in approaching updates, but so far we like what we see. If you'd like to booty the amend for a analysis drive yourself, assurance up for the testing program; Microsoft is acceptance a acceptable bulk of gamers to analyze the fresh options.

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