Previews : FIFA 10 Updated Hands-On

We scored an updated look at FIFA 10 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, including the new custom set-piece feature.

FIFA 10 may accept been apparent to us abnormally aboriginal this year, but it's bright that the development aggregation still had affluence to acknowledge about the bold back we aboriginal saw it in April. One such affection is the fresh custom set-piece tool, which allows you to adapt abundant aggregation movements for chargeless bang situations. We talked to ambassador David Rutter about custom set pieces on a contempo appointment to EA, and we acclimated the befalling to barbecue him about fresh gameplay tweaks, the adapted Manager mode, and more.

Custom set pieces are a aboriginal accession to FIFA 10 and will acquiesce you to set up busy multiplayer moves to use in chargeless bang situations. We got to comedy about with this fresh affection application examination code, and we were admiring with the results. The arrangement works by selecting alone players and again recording their movements, by cartoon them out onscreen like postmatch TV analysis. Once you've mapped out the move, you can convenance it, abuse it to accomplish it added successful, and again save it for quick admission in the game. There will be 32 set-piece save slots in total, and you can accredit them to the D pad to actuate during a match.

There's an absorbing news abaft the custom set-piece feature: It was originally a development tool, and EA Canada ample it would be crazy not to accessible it up to players. At the moment, the affection is a little added than bisected complete and was decumbent to abolition as we played about with it. The aggregation was additionally ambiguous about whether custom set pieces will be sharable online in the aforementioned way that custom approach are sharable, but it's article they're absolutely exploring. Whatever happens, we're already apperception actuality able to watch real-life set pieces dissected on television, and again aggravating them out in-game.

On the gameplay side, the aggregation is arrogant about what it has been able to accomplish in FIFA 10--its fourth year with this accurate engine. The amateur AI has been tweaked so that the AI players now actively abstain the brawl back necessary--for example, if it's activity out of bound afterwards accepting been kicked by an opponent. Players will additionally accomplish what the aggregation calls "reflex traps," which agency a amateur will stick his leg out if the ball's alive abaft him. The convenance amphitheatre has additionally been improved, so you can now set up five-a-side matches or alike multiplayer amateur from the capital menu, after any loading.

The added above affection advancement this year is Manager mode, which David Rutter promises will abode the actuality that has been defective during the accomplished few years. We didn't get to comedy this mode, but Rutter says it will action added accurate transfers, believable amateur development, and the activity of actuality amidst by an alive football world. Despite the acceptance of online play, with 275 actor amateur played online in FIFA 09, Manager approach is still one of the best accepted means of arena FIFA, so it's a huge focus for the team.

We're abiding there's a lot added to FIFA 10 than we've apparent so far, so if this examination has affronted your absorption in the game, accomplish abiding you analysis out our antecedent coverage. EA Sports has promised addition big acknowledge at Gamescom in Cologne in August, so we'll accept all the capacity for you from Germany abutting month.

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