Previews : GDC 07: Warhound First Look

Tentatively appointed for absolution against the end of this year, Warhound is a ChromeEngine-powered first-person ballista in which you'll acquire the role of a modern-day acquisitive for hire. Members of the Techland development aggregation are in San Francisco for the Bold Developers Conference this week, and they affably agreed to stop by the GameSpot appointment and audience a work-in-progress PC adaptation of the bold for us a brace of canicule early. We didn't get to comedy on this occasion, but afterwards actuality advised to an action-packed affirmation and accepting lots of fresh info, we came abroad from the affair activity appropriately impressed.

Perhaps because there aren't too abounding professions that amalgamate apple biking with weaponry, actuality a acquisitive is a aggressive business. Your ambition in Warhound is to become the best acquisitive in the world, and so while ambidextrous with the enemies of whoever is advantageous you, you'll charge to accumulate an eye out for your business rivals, as well. Although Warhound will purportedly affection a able storyline, your advance through the bold will be annihilation but linear. Afterwards commutual the aboriginal binding mission, as able-bodied as every mission thereafter, you'll be presented with a apple map assuming the locations of jobs that are currently up for grabs. Clicking on a job figure will accessible a window with added advice in it, including mission objectives, how abundant money you'll be paid aloft completion, and any abilities that you'll charge afore actuality accustomed to acquire the assignment.

The three capital abilities in Warhound's role-playing-game-like character-progression arrangement are alpinist, mechanic, and weapon specialist. Spending credibility on convalescent these will accomplish you added acceptable at negotiating asperous terrain, administration and advancement vehicles, and application abundant weapons and explosives, respectively. Secondary abilities will additionally prove advantageous on assertive missions, admitting the alone archetype cited during today's audience was an electronics specialization that will let you able aegis codes, abduct abstracts from afraid computers, and the like. Absolutely how you'll acquire the credibility all-important to akin up your abilities isn't bright at this time, but how you absorb them will acutely accept an appulse not alone on which missions you're acceptable to booty on, but additionally on how you accouterment them. We're told that there will be at atomic three absolutely altered routes through anniversary mission in Warhound, and it seems reasonable to acquire that anniversary will favor a altered specialization.

Since you'll finer be active a one-man business in Warhound, it should appear as no abruptness that affairs are activity to comedy a ample role in the game. You'll be able to augment the assets that you get from commutual missions by affairs any weapons, vehicles, and added items that you access forth the way, admitting it's account acquainted that the bulk you can backpack will be realistic, so don't apprehend to be lugging your absolute armory about and stashing added rocket launchers in your pocket. You'll additionally accept affluence of costs to consider, of course. Weapons and armament don't appear cheap, and it's a safe bet that affairs and advancement cartage will hit your coffer antithesis appealing hard, as well. Added absorbing costs will be incurred during your alertness for any accustomed mission, back you'll accept the advantage to acquirement added mission advice in the anatomy of accessory photos assuming adversary positions and such. The added money you spend, the added reliable the advice will be, so you ability get to accept amid a photo that's a anniversary old and one that's alone a few hours old, for example. While advancing for a mission, you'll additionally charge to absorb some money accepting an escape avenue for yourself, and, again, you'll get what you pay for. Having a helicopter accommodated you at an aborticide point abutting to the mission breadth won't be cheap, so if you're activity thrifty, you ability adopt to backpack to a apple on the added ancillary of the map breadth some guy with a beaten-up old car has agreed to accord you a ride.

Based on what we saw of Warhound today, your objectives will alter a abundant accord from mission to mission. Destroying weapon stashes and demography bottomward biologic lords were amid the added anticipated objectives that we saw, while added absorbing examples that we were told about included accomplishment and escort missions as able-bodied as a cruise to Africa to assure attenuate elephants from poachers. The enemies that we saw during our affirmation already appeared to be behaving absolutely intelligently, and back they weren't active affective in and out of cover, they were putting their weapons to acceptable use. In the accomplished game, enemies will purportedly appointment calm in groups, and if you're abutting enough, you'll be able to apprehend them conversing and giving anniversary added orders in their built-in languages.

Spicing up assertive missions will be added mercenaries whose affidavit for actuality in the aforementioned breadth as you ability not become credible until your paths cross. Every added acquisitive in the bold is about a business rival, but that doesn't necessarily beggarly that you'll be gunning for anniversary other. Sometimes your objectives will clash--a acceptable archetype of which would be your actuality tasked with abolition a ambition that accession acquisitive is aggravating to protect. It sounds like there will be affluence of occasions back the attendance of accession acquisitive will be beneficial, though, and we're told that in at atomic one mission you'll accept a adversary accouterment awning for you with a assassin rifle. In added missions you ability acquisition that a cardinal of your rivals are alive on the aforementioned appointment as you are, so you'll be antagonism to complete the key objectives afore they do.

All of the locales that we saw during our Warhound audience had a accustomed feel about them and were bare of all but the best basal manmade structures. The environments were abounding with great-looking copse and foliage, and although not all of them are physics enabled aloof yet, those that were reacted absolutely assuredly as the amateur brushed accomplished them or absitively to use them for ambition practice. Added accurate beheld touches that we noticed during our audience included baptize lapping on a beach, devious bullets blame up dust, and a abundant depth-of-field aftereffect that blurs altar in the beginning back you zoom in and focus on article far away.

In accession to the single-player game, which promises to action affluence of epitomize amount with its nonlinear anatomy and randomized adversary locations, Warhound will abutment a cardinal of altered multiplayer modes for up to 32 players. The game's multiplayer agreeable hasn't been accomplished at the time of writing, but we're told that accepted deathmatch and capture-the-flag-style modes will be complemented by objective-based amateur that are somewhat evocative of the single-player missions. The maps acclimated in multiplayer amateur will be abate than those you get to analyze back arena solo, and Techland affairs to accommodate an easy-to-use map editor with the game.

Warhound still has several months of development time advanced of it, and we'll be befitting a abutting eye on it. We attending advanced to bringing you added advice as anon as it becomes available.

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