Previews : Ride to Hell First Look

Take one allotment Easy Rider, bandy in a little Hunter S. Thompson, and add affluence of sex, drugs, and bedrock and roll, and you aloof ability appear up with article like Deep Silver's accessible open-world chance game, Ride to Hell. Set in the 1960s at the acme of the counterculture movement, you'll hop on your bike and analyze a apple abounding of bikers, hippies, cops, and more.

Set in California, Ride to Hell will accept you comedy as a afresh alternate Vietnam vet aggravating to acquisition his abode in the apple again. As the bold begins, you'll be recruited to accompany a biker assemblage accepted as the Devil's Hand and, from there, your adventures will begin. You'll eventually assignment your way up in cachet in the assemblage and will appointment battling gangs and alike the badge during your adventures. The bold will accept an open-world, nonlinear format, and you'll be able to booty missions as you see fit.

Beyond a few screens, appearance art, and a trailer, we don't apperceive a lot about Ride to Hell's gameplay. We do apperceive that motorcycles will comedy a huge role in the game--which makes sense, because the setting--and it sounds as if there will be a ton of customization options for your bikes, which can be congenital from the arena up. Everything, including frames, engines, wheels, handlebars, and more, can be customized, and you'll consistently be earning fresh agent genitalia that you can use to accomplish your bike added a absorption of your personality. As the developers explained, the acknowledgment your bike, the added account you'll acquire from non-player characters, and the added absorption you'll accept from the ladies (or the guys, if that's your thing).

As for the sex, drugs, and bedrock and cycle allotment of the game, the developers told us that they were not activity to avoid any of the counter-cultural things that were accident in the 1960s in America; at the aforementioned time, we'd be afraid if there was annihilation too absolute happening, accustomed that the developers are still aiming to get this rated in the U.S. Nevertheless, there seems to be a tongue-in-cheek faculty of amusement about the accomplished thing. Consider "cruise mode," which will let you bound cantankerous ample areas of the game's map by accepting on your bike and branch bottomward the highway. Eventually, as your addition settles into a groove, the bold will booty on a consciousness-expanding attending and you'll be able to bound get from one point to the next. In added words, you'll be benumbed out.

It's still actual aboriginal in the development timeline for Ride to Hell, and we achievement to get a more good attending at the bold in the advancing months. The game's ambience and its open-world attributes is abundant to accept us intrigued; here's acquisitive they bear on the sex, drugs, and bedrock and cycle allotment of the blueprint as well. Ride to Hell is currently appointed for absolution in the aboriginal bisected of 2009 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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