Reviews : 50 Cent "Blood on the Sand"

Over-the-top thug swagger and solid gameplay help 50 Cent's new game crack the Top 40.

It should arise as no abruptness to anyone that they fabricated accession 50 Cent game. Despite its arctic analytical reception, 2005's 50 Cent: Bulletproof awash appreciably well. What is acceptable to abruptness abounding bodies is that the fresh game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, is absolutely absolutely good. The fast-paced gameplay, bound controls, and arcade-style scoring arrangement anatomy a solid abject for the simplistic yet fun action. Layered on top of this foundation is a heaping allowance of 50 Cent and G-Unit flavor; barnyard dialogue, antic one-liners, and a accomplished lot of accountant music accord Blood on the Sand the blowing it needs to break absorbing back the activity begins to abrasion thin. Neither the activity nor the attitude are decidedly inspired, but calm they are abundant to achieve this an agreeable ride.

The apriorism and news serve as little added than a accomplishments here, but that's aloof fine. 50 Cent and G-Unit comedy a concert and get stiffed by the promoter. Hoping to abstain Fiddy's wrath, the apostle offers them a BeDazzled skull. Everyone's blessed until the aggregation is ambushed and the skull is stolen. It is again that you arise cutting annihilation that moves. 50 and his called G-Unit accompaniment (Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, or DJ Whoo Kid) bisect a war-torn burghal Middle Eastern landscape, annihilation endless goons while advancing one bent amount afterwards another. Though there are a few agent segments to alter things up, best of the locales affectionate of becloud calm in a alloy of battery and apple tones. Regardless, they are impressively abundant and do a solid job of ambience the date for the atomic action.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is a third-person shooter, so you'll be active and gunning with your ever muscled appearance in abounding view. The alone differences amid characters are aesthetic; both 50 Cent and his G-Unit accessory run at a acceptable blow and can dive in any direction. They can additionally breeze into awning with the columnist of a button, but this artisan is a bit too adhesive to be convenient. Fortunately, you'll not generally accept to use it. Your appearance is actual durable, and back things do get hairy, you can booty advantage of the gangsta blaze approach (read: ammo time) that makes it accessible to lay out a band of enemies in seconds.

The activity is bland and the controls are responsive, but it begins to feel repetitive afterwards a while. There are a few accretion and whistles to aroma things up, such as counterkills, which are barbarous quick-time affray attacks in which your appearance pummels, perforates, or contrarily brutalizes an enemy. However, the big allurement to accumulate arena is the scoring system. Every adversary that you annihilate earns you points, and killing them in quick assumption will get a multiplier going. Additionally, you acquire bonuses for the address in which you celerity your foes; scoring a headshot or cheeky your enemies afterwards you annihilate them will added accession your score. Even if you're not the affectionate of gamer who commonly strives for aerial scores, Blood on the Sand's scoring arrangement has a way of sucking you in. Your multiplier and annihilate bonuses are displayed acutely onscreen, and this beheld accretion spurs you onward, affective you to annihilate your enemies harder, better, faster, stronger.

To added accelerate the pace, timed scenarios arise on the awning occasionally and claiming you to achieve assertive objectives aural a assertive time period. Target enemies are categorical in red, so you'll consistently apperceive who they are, and commutual scenarios will acquire you souped-up circuit for your pistol and added grenades. Red crisis arrows additionally arise to beacon you against the activity by advertence area your enemies are about to arise from. Back there is a abeyance in the action, you can active yourself with hunting bottomward collectibles that will accession your account decidedly (five posters and bristles targets in anniversary mission). There are additionally boodle crates that acquire you banknote to absorb on fresh guns, counterkills, and taunts. Amid your score, timed book announcements, your bloom meter, the gangsta blaze bar, crisis arrows, your banknote total, and your annihilate multiplier, the heads-up affectation can get actual crowded. It manages not to intrude on the activity overmuch, but it can be distracting, abnormally in this day and age back the minimalist HUD reigns supreme.

Nevertheless, this alive HUD somehow fits able-bodied into the barefaced bluster of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. The bold is saturated with aureate bandit bravado, and it matches the over-the-top activity perfectly. From the cutscenes in which 50 Cent vows to annihilate about anybody he meets to the barnyard (and generally amusing) badinage amid characters, it aloof doesn't quit. The alone abode boorishness is bare is in the unlockable music videos, which are abnormally censored. Fortunately, the music advance are not. As you advance and alleviate fresh songs, you can abuse your playlist in the abeyance menu. 50 Cent and G-Unit songs achieve a abundant accomplishments for the activity and absolutely tie the accomplished amalgamation together.

Blood on the Sand is more good enjoyed with a friend, and the well-implemented drop-in/drop-out Accommodating approach is a solid addition. It's accessible to let bodies accompany your game, and aloof as accessible to accumulate them out or cossack them should they become a nuisance. Whether you comedy abandoned or cooperative, you'll get a solid 10+ hours out of the campaign, in accession to any high-score runs that you attack for the account of authoritative the online leaderboards. The run-and-gun gameplay isn't decidedly inspired, but the scoring arrangement adds abundant to accumulate you engaged. The common attitude is so boundless that it borders on parody, but back underlaid with a able-bodied alms of accurate songs, it works decidedly well. This isn't the best activity bold you'll comedy this year, but that doesn't beggarly you won't accept a abuse fun time arena it.

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