Info : New NXE reduces size of Xbox 360 hard drive installs

Clever users with the beta of the fresh Xbox 360 NXE-thing accept noticed something: the admeasurement of bold installs on the adamantine drive accept decreased. So, acceptable account for those of you with abate adamantine drives. (I’m still blame about with the old academy 20GB adamantine drive. I soldier on.)

For example, addition on the Cheap Ass Gamer forums appear that Left 4 Dead went from 4GB to 3.7GB. That’s a accumulation of 26 percent!

Then there’s NHL 09, which went from 5.7GB to 5.0GB.

And Rock Band 2 goes from 6.3GB to 4.6GB.

You absolutely accept to broadcast through bulletin lath afterwards bulletin lath to get a account going.

Why is this happening? There’s no official reason, of course, but bodies anticipate it’s because the fresh rips do abroad with abundant of the copy abstracts on the disc.

Now, how advantageous it absolutely is to install the amateur to your adamantine drive, I don’t know. You’re talking a amount of alone a few abnormal of amount time, so…

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