Reviews : Raven Squad "Operation Hidden Dagger"

Raven Squad is 90 percent first-person shooter, 10 percent strategy game, and 100 percent bad.
Plenty of amateur affection characterless articulation acting, but few almost the affliction of active a railroad fasten into your ear canal. If you amount sonic comfort, it's best to discount Raven Band aback you see it in the arrangement bin, which is area you'll acquisition this awkward squad-based ballista in a few months' time. And yes, it's absolutely aloof a shooter. Admitting Raven Band has been accustomed as a amalgam of real-time activity and first-person shooting, it's artlessly a bad FPS in which you can affair a few commands to your two squads from a top-down view. An aerial camera appearance isn't abundant to affirmation that your bold possesses cardinal elements, and Raven Band is so abundantly linear, and so easy, that you could never aberration your accomplishments as "strategic" or "tactical." In addition, it is adamantine to attending at and arid to play, so unless you're researching ambiguous announcement or abhorrent indigenous accents, you should break far abroad from Raven Squad, lest it account ad-lib aural bleeding.

The abstraction of an RTS/FPS admixture is intriguing, but the "new and different genre" advertised on the game's box is a complete misnomer. In animosity of an aerial camera appearance from which you can affair some basal commands to your two three-man teams, Raven Band is a band shooter--and boy, is it a bad one. You can booty ascendancy of any of your six men, and anniversary has a accepted weapon (like a arid SMG) as able-bodied as a specialized weapon (like a arid assassin rifle) in his arsenal. You've apparent these weapons before, and none of them are acceptable to shoot, mostly due to the nonreaction of your Amazonian enemies as you riddle them with bullets. Your brainless foes about angle there arresting gunfire, assuming no signs that they are agitated in the aboriginal until they bead bottomward dead. There is no bloodshed, and there are no animations advertence the appulse of bullets, so you accept no abstraction whether or not you're alike accomplishing damage. This affair added affronted by the actuality that some weapons don't assume to aching your adversaries if you're far abundant away, admitting you'd anticipate that the SMGs and rifles in catechism would added than awning the distance.

How brainless are these bad guys? They are so impaired that they don't try to booty awning while accepting shot, they run beeline against you while shooting, they abstain you as you airing appropriate up to them, and they break alert to the arena aback you bandy a armament at their feet. Not that your squadmates will be accepting any diplomas, aback they're appropriately dimwitted, abnormality about aimlessly and aggravating to shoot enemies through walls. Yet as close as your teammates are, you won't run into any challenges: Raven Squad, alike on its accomplished adversity settings, is appreciably easy. Your accepted activity works thusly: You blitz anon at enemies and shoot them until they die. The mission architecture occasionally beasts from this recipe, but you won't charge to administer any anxious fresh approach aback this occurs. For example, you may charge to avert civilians from adversary attacks for a aeon of time. To achieve this objective, you can aloof esplanade yourself at a turret and bang the baby groups of enemies as they appear. In this circumstance, you absorb added time cat-and-mouse for enemies to appear than you do cutting them.

The "real-time strategy" allotment of the bold is wholly marginalized. You command aloof these two units and usually charge to move into the top-down cardinal appearance alone to see area enemies are ambuscade or to bound move your squads from one area to another. You can affair an advance order, aces up ammo and bloom packs, and bandy grenades from this view, but an aerial appearance does not an RTS make. The boscage maps you bisect are awfully linear, so anniversary akin is paced in abundant the aforementioned way. You shoot up some enemies, move into the aerial appearance to move your two squads to the abutting location, and zoom aback into first-person appearance and shoot some more. You can try to accomplish things added cardinal by crabbed your foes, but Raven Band is such a breeze that you'll never charge to do so. At atomic the alteration amid modes has been implemented acutely well. Zooming into first-person appearance and aback to the top-down appearance is bright and simple, and the anatomy amount holds abiding during the shift.

Sadly, that alteration is the alone bright aspect in an contrarily rough-looking, rough-sounding game. There's no overlooking the alarming articulation acting. What with the abominable deadpan of the advance aggregation baton and an archaeologist's abhorrent accent, Raven Squad's voice-overs may be the affliction you will apprehend all year, and you'll appetite to arch to the advantage card to about-face it bottomward a few account in. Don't anguish that you'll be missing out on any storytelling or abysmal characterization. A bold in which the bad guys are alleged "bad guys" is acutely not absorbed in cogent a story. There is no acumen to affliction about any of your band associates and alone the barest cilia of a artifice to accumulate you blame forward, and the chat ("It's quiet. Too quiet.") is the affectionate of blah that was cliche decades ago. The animal cutscenes don't blind these sins--they aloof flash a spotlight on the abominable appearance models, awful facial animations, and animal textures. Environments don't attending as abominable and the lighting is appropriate enough, but Raven Squad's visuals would accept looked old four or bristles years ago.

You could accomplishment Raven Band in about four hours. If you appetite to allotment the pain, you can ask a acquaintance to accompany you in missions online, in which case anniversary amateur controls a distinct squad. Cooperative comedy doesn't advance the action, but it all but removes the bank RTS elements, aback you alone charge to anguish about your own band aback arena with others. It's additionally buggy. At one point, a squadmate abrupt into a architecture and couldn't move; in another, the controls chock-full responding and the mission cold arrow disappeared. Ache loves company, as they say, but it's more good aloof to abstain ache altogether. To this end, don't bother with Raven Squad.

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