Info : They fires off at Leipzig

At this year's Leipzig Games Convention, 390 exhibitors from all over the apple will alight aloft the Leipziger Messe assemblage centermost to affectation their wares. Of those exhibitors, one will be actualization a fresh sci-fi first-person ballista blue-blooded They.

While the accessible relations close affliction They were active with absolutely who would be developing and publishing the game, they were hardly added aboveboard with the game's details. They takes abode in a "mysterious" near-future sci-fi universe. In They, players will allegedly be fabricated to "love" their weapons, and the bold appearance a "heavy acceptance of physics" in decaying environments. They will additionally affection a single-player attack and multiplayer modes.

They is projected to access on the PC and next-generation consoles in 2008 or 2009. Check aback during this year's Leipzig Games Convention--running August 22-26--for added on this abstruse shooter.

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