Previews : Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger Hands-On

If you appetite to annihilate addition during a aggressive campaign, you’re usually belted to authoritative one soldier from a alone angle or arena administrator to a countless of troops with a appearance from above. Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger combines these two altered comedy types, absolution you about-face amid real-time activity and first-person ballista with a blow of a button. We had a adventitious to comedy through one of the levels today and came abroad with a added good compassionate of how these two altered styles assignment in tandem.

The akin we played through took abode in a jungle, with copse lining the dirt-paved alley that we boring formed our way down. There were additionally collapsed copse that we could booty awning behind, confined as the alone aegis adjoin our enemies. There are two altered squads of three troops each, and you can comedy through the accomplished bold cooperatively with addition amateur or accept the AI ascendancy the added team. One specializes in infiltration, so they accept quieter accoutrements such as a assassin burglarize as able-bodied as nonlethal grenades like the beam bang. The added band focuses on assault, and they accept abundant added able weapons. Rocket launchers, SMGs, and the deadly, atomic grenades are in their arsenal, so you can accept which band you charge based on your comedy appearance and the objectives you charge to complete.

When played from a first-person perspective, it controls actual abundant like a accepted aggressive shooter. Caution is the key because you can die from aloof a few gunshot blasts if you aren’t careful, admitting blind abroad from the activity for a few moments regenerates your health. You can bend abaft obstacles to absorber yourself from adversary fire, bung grenades into a accumulation of bad guys, and band up a headshot with your adamant sights. Movement is restrictive, though, and you generally can’t veer far off the aisle because copse block your way. Accustomed that you accept three bodies in your squad, you can about-face amid them at will, which gives you admission to a added array of weapons. Also, because you can about-face characters while one is reloading, you can blaze about always at your enemies after abhorrence of the alarming reload pause.

You can about-face to an aerial angle by borer Y, and the alteration is smooth. The camera zooms out from the eyes of your appearance up aloft the earth, which makes it accessible to acclimatize to the shift. From here, you can move a cursor about the map to advance the best way to ambuscade your enemies, as able-bodied as affair orders to your troops. The commands are limited, but it’s accessible abundant to affair them. You can point against a atom and accept your troops either walk, run, or bend over there, and they will automatically blaze at any hostiles they appear across. By putting your cursor over an adversary unit, you can accord your troops added specific orders, such as casting a grenade. The real-time aspect isn’t as all-embracing as added amateur in the genre, accustomed that you accept alone three troops to ascendancy and no way to body up a abject or get added resources, but it works able-bodied enough.

The objectives are accepted affair for aggressive games. We were told to bright out an adversary encampment, cantankerous a river, and lath a helicopter. The gameplay in Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger isn’t unique, but the aggregate of two accustomed genres is. Stay acquainted for a final adjudication back the bold comes out after this year.

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