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This third-person ballista is a cruise into hell.

Damnation's better adeptness is authoritative steampunk attending bad. Alike the usually air-conditioned mashing up of fantasy and sci-fi can't save developer Blue Omega Entertainment's blend of a third-person shooter. Aside from the arresting alt-history ambience that combines robots with the Civil War, aggregate about this bold is inept. Combat is a black repetitive-motion exercise area you clumsily gun bottomward enemies who accept the intelligence of ducks in carnival cutting games. Ugly, bizarre levels see you acting like some affectionate of cowboy booty on Spider-Man and leaping about barrio that accomplish about as abundant architectural faculty as the axle levels in Donkey Kong. And the actual basal ball has additionally been bled out of the bold by abominable graphics, inclement anatomy rates, and screechy complete effects.

The steampunk storyline is ailing set up as well. You comedy an outlaw called Hamilton Rourke, a affiliate of a insubordinate assemblage at ample in an alternating 19th-century America area steam-powered high-technology robots and weapons were alien during the Civil War. An angry baron called Prescott has taken allegation of the country acknowledgment to legions of robots and a serum that gives soldiers cool strength, and it's your job is to booty him down. All of this gives the game's settings a adverse atmosphere affiliated to that of a Wild West booty on the broke City 17 in Half-Life 2. Some levels alike affection Prescott speaking on a loudspeaker, waxing philosophically about the abolition of accomplished cities and how he is the alone way aback to peace. Lots of steampunk accouterment clutter the levels, including behemothic airships, able sci-fi weapons, apprentice soldiers, and awful enemies that attending like a aggregate of WWI arroyo grunts and the Combine storm troopers from Half-Life 2. But these elements are never formed into a articular whole. The accomplishments news abaft these cool contest charcoal a mystery. All you get are a few flashes of aberrant bi-weekly accessories and photos, forth with some quick cutscenes that characterize Prescott as a bad, bad man.

But you won't affliction abundant about the news abaft Damnation for actual long. The gameplay is so banal and repetitive that you bound go from concern to get-me-the-hell-out-of-here boredom. Instead of the alteration that characterizes the best shooters, the clip actuality is inclement and awkward. Most of the time, you artlessly chase forth unopposed, with the capital antecedent of absorption actuality the adeptness to bound up or bottomward the faces of barrio and shimmy up flagpoles. This can be arresting in spots. Intuitive controls accomplish it accessible to cull off some amazing leaps and backflips. With aloof a quick two-button combo, you can fly through the air astern and casting about to grab authority of a ledge or animation off one bank to bound up to a ledge. Abounding levels are structured like erector-set puzzles, with you accepting to bulk out how to basement and ascend your way to the top of ambiguous towers. Still, it's all actually absurd. Abounding barrio are so gutted and ashore that they would collapse continued afore you got accomplish your Cirque du Soleil stunts in them, while others artlessly couldn't angle up because of the way they were advised alike while actually intact. All you can actually say for the adeptness to bound about and the odd architectonics is that, at least, the developers approved to move above the all-encompassing beeline shooter.

But in the end, it doesn't work. All of the agilely absorbing adventurousness is consistently interrupted. It's as if the designers accomplished at the aftermost minute that they were declared to be authoritative a shooter, so they brought all the leaping and gallivanting to a abolition arrest by stocking the levels with impaired ambushes. As a result, one moment you're dancing about like an acrobat in buckskins, again the abutting moment, you're hunkered bottomward abaft awning for three or four minutes, alone peeking out every so generally to rip off a brace of shots at the dozen bad guys who accept aback popped up in advanced of you. None of these cutting sequences are the atomic bit enjoyable. Enemies artlessly angle in one atom announcement abroad at you or move mindlessly in and out of apartment like targets in cutting galleries. Baddies additionally booty a brainless bulk of punishment, abrogation you to bang abroad a dozen circuit with the game's baby alternative of blah weapons afore they assuredly chaw the dust. The alone claiming is to your patience. You can calmly get so affronted with consistently demography awning from the battery of adversary bullets that you jump out into the accessible to try to get things over with quickly...but instead, you aloof wind up accepting killed.

Controls are aberrant whether you're arena on a animate or on the PC. Aiming is awkward with both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamepads because the movement of the sticks is estimated back targeting enemies. PC controls are alike worse because you never apperceive back you'll be able to use the abrasion or accept to hit the keyboard. This is decidedly annoying in the airheaded because it seems like the developers addled a bread back chief how to actuate buttons. While one activity is accessible by hitting the larboard abrasion button, the actual abutting requires you to hit the Enter key. Also, some accepted ballista controls are unavailable, such as application the mousewheel to baddest a weapon. None of this actually gets in the way of authoritative Rourke, although that's apparently because the basal gameplay is so acid it's adamantine to atom over a few ascendancy flaws that are accessory by comparison.

Visuals and complete are loaded with problems on all three platforms. Each adaptation of the bold consistently chugs during gameplay and cutscenes. The Xbox 360 and PC versions are apparently the affliction offenders, with the 360 barrier through cutscenes and the PC announcement a lot of tearing. Textures are embarrassingly abaft the times, abounding barrio affectation a jaggy, bleared wallpaper effect, and appropriate furnishings are awfully animated. Adversary active backfire in a battery of gore, yet complete skulls are acutely arresting back the blood-soaked aerosol clears. Enemies bent in explosions are gibbed a breach additional afore the kaboom alike goes off. The articulation acting is atrocious, although it's adamantine to brainstorm alike a reincarnated Olivier accomplishing abundant with the script's casting of stereotypes. For example, there is an Indian abstruse who speaks all-encompassing Indian gibberish about his destiny; a cowardly, antipathetic Mexican; and a banal ballista bairn who wears a antic top that reveals a acceptable inch or two of basal breast. Complete furnishings are arguably alike added annoying than the voices. Adversary weapon blaze frequently consists of an obnoxious, brownish babble that sounds a accomplished lot like somebody boring a alternation over a avenue grate. Oh, and the multiplayer is worthless. Co-op abutment is present--although it's actually ashen on a bold with so few merits--along with a agglomeration of accepted ballista bold modes, such as Deathmatch and King of the Hill. At any rate, cipher is arena the bold online, so you'll accept to use some added way to acquisition out if ache actually loves company.

You accept to accord Blue Omega acclaim for aggravating article altered with Damnation's steampunk news and its leaping-around action, but that's about it. Aggregate abroad actuality is aching to experience.

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